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Gallery Update

The first iteration of my miniature gallery update is now complete.  The link in the navigation bar now leads to a cleaner new gallery page.  I thought my first batch would last until I could finish these code changes but I was a couple of weeks short.  The process of adding new images to the gallery has been streamlined as well, and now that those changes are done I'll be able to get some more updates prepped and ready to go.

There still a few visuals I want to updated but that will have to wait for some under-the-hood work I have planned next.  In the meantime the content should start rolling again soon!



I've been on hiatus from playing Warmachine and Hordes for a quite some time now and although my painting has slowed because of that it hasn't stopped completely.  I did fall off the website update bandwagon though, and that's something I aim to fix.

Content-wise I've started uploading miniatures I've painted in the past few years.  I had a round of pictures that I had taken back then but never resized/uploaded so I've started there.  I also got a hand from my old Iron Agenda co-host Saultydog attempting to reincarnate my photography setup and we took a round of pictures last weekend.  After that I'm going to go through my army transports and see what hasn't been photographed yet and work on that as well.  I can think of a few models off-hand that I never got to - Bastions, the Covenant of Menoth, and Gravus to name a few - but I'm sure there's more.

I've also started re-writing the back-end code behind my gallery.  I started with enlarging the thumbnails to be more clear on modern displays, but in a few cases doing so just highlighted how low quality those thumbnails were to begin with.  It also increased the height of that page to something I think is unwieldy.  I plan on building some custom taxonomies and cleaning up the gallery navigation as I find time.  I'm looking at some options but want to make sure it's as usable of possible so I need time to design the layout before I start implementation.  Hopefully there will be some filtering and/or searching options available in the finished product.

On the verbal (scriptographic?) side of things I have a few ideas I want to talk about.  I'm not a quick writer but I've already outlined two posts and started writing another.

Finally my biggest criticism of my gallery is the inconsistencies in photo quality.  The lighting and color balance on some of my pictures is downright cringe-worthy.  I'd very much like to go back and clean up some of the images - and probably upgrade to some larger ones as well - but that's a time-consuming endeavor.  When (if) I get caught up posting new figures I'll start to circle back to updating existing galleries.  I believe that qualifies as "s@@n," right?

Miniatures are scheduled to start appearing as soon as tomorrow.  Cleanup and further content will be published as it's completed.  Stay tuned!



Octoroks, Tektites, and Leevers too…

During the critical debate as to whether it was more accurate to compare Spiral Knights to either  Gauntlet or Zelda, my peers and I uncovered a few gems from the past for review.

And one more that's a little more recent...

But the Famicom version takes the cake.

Our debate never actually came to a conclusion after an indefinite break was taken for eye bleach.



farscape During it's initial run, Farscape was easily my favorite show, one I made sure to catch weekly.  There are a couple episodes of season 3 that I didn't see but other than that I caught every episode as it debuted on SciFi.

On Episode 53 of The Podgecast, the topic of the Farscape DVD boxed sets and their outrageous prices came up. When licensing changed hands, the season 1 boxed set fell out of print, which subsequently caused the price of the boxed set to skyrocket.

Since I couldn't get ahold of season 1, I never bothered with the others - I had seen them all as they debuted anyway.  But a few weeks ago I found out I'd have my chance to get my hands on the entire collection at a reasonable price.

>>


Where’s the WIP?

Boy, have I been slacking as of late.  Part of that has been gearing up the Iron Agenda but everything started with the beginning of the summer Con season.  In preparation for Privateer Press Weekend at DieCon here in St. Louis (which I've written about already) I joined in with some fellow Podthralls listeners in starting our own version of the Gamer Journal that Privateer Press had featured in what was then the most recent issue of No Quarter (at the expense of posting my WIPs here).

I have added news feeds from Diminutive Denizens, my miniature gallery web sit, to try and make sure that I can keep producing some content, but when my camera got borrowed for a couple months even that slowed down.  I'm working on getting back into the swing of things... we'll just have to see what sort of progress I can make.


Quick Update

I haven't written a whole lot here in the past couple months, but it looks like that's going to be changing. All of my time had been taken up by running my Earthdawn game and preparing for Privateer Press Weekend here in St. Louis but now that both of those are passed I should have more time to keep up with things here.

There are a couple of drafts that I have started in the back room here and there's the Deadlands write-ups that I'd really like to finish as well. Since I don't think Luke is going to be able to finish the Earthdawn write-ups I'd like to try and summarize that campaign as well as talk about what I learned from the grand experiment that was Earthdawn - Savaged and how I plan on going about changing things for the next time I run the game.

So check back soon - it's time to try and catch back up.


Ceiling Cat is watching you game

Most every Sunday afternoon you can find the gaming group I'm a member of in my basement seated around an old dining room table throwing dice, drinking Dew, and munching Cheetos. In addition to the gaming group, my house has a trio of additional inhabitants - my fiancee and her two cats, Baroness and Puck.

Baroness is a well behaved tailless calico who spends most of the day curled up either in her bed upstairs or on my fiancee's lap while she reads or watches TV. Puck is the anti-Baroness, who has made it his mission in life to cause whatever grief he can. Any bags of chips left unattended for longer than 30 seconds will be opened and scattered across the kitchen floor when you return. If the garbage disposal doesn't mince absolutely every bit of food we put down in it, Puck will jump in the sink and try to get food out of the drain. On more than one occasion Puck has knocked a full pan of chili cheese dip - bubbling hot hot mind you - off the stove and onto the kitchen floor. I guess he needed some dip for the chips or something.

Still that didn't compare to his antics yesterday.

>>

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2007: A Blarg Odyssey

Another year has come and gone and the blog has stuck around - a feat that comes somewhat as a surprise to me. I'm more than a bit of a dabbler and tend to find new things to do quickly but somehow managed to keep up with posting. Between battle reports, my RPG campaigns, and painting I've got more than enough material to talk about. Unfortunately that's proving to be a double-edged sword.

This year - especially toward the last few months - I've found myself committing to more "columns" than I can keep up with. The Ternon Crag Dispatch was originally intended to run weekly with our campaign night at the local gaming store. I've still been pretty good about getting out a monthly Painting WIP post, but I haven't been able to do any other painting articles lately. There's also the threads on my recent rpg campaigns, but doing one of those after every session has been taxing. And finally although it's not part of this blog I've been neglecting Diminutive Denizens in favor of writing things here.

Last month I decided to try to re-work my schedule a bit to open it up. First thing is that I'm going to to is drop to a RPG session write-up after every 2 sessions or so. Since we're gaming about every other week this means once a month. That combined with my monthly Painting WIP posts puts me at about 2 posts per month. That should leave me time to do the occasional write up on RPG theory or miniature painting techniques as well as get back to battle reports. We'll just have to wait and see if practice matches up with theory...


Where’s the Blarg?

I'm not the first person who's created a blog who's slowly drifted away from regular updates and I certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately I just haven't had the motivation or inspiration to keep things up due to my gaming curse. Karma can bite you in the ass sometimes and after a string of pretty good gaming and scheduling, well, things took a turn for the worse.

>>


Database Server Upgrade

I upgraded the database behind my instance of WordPress so any visitors should experience an improvement in page load times.

I've also been working on some new posts behind the scenes and hope to get those out soon.  In addition I've joined a new gaming group and have some more experiences and observations to inspire more blargs, so stay tuned.

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