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Manaburst, the RPG

Ever since I read The Long Road Home, an Everway Actual Play thread over on rpg.net, I've been interested in the Everway setting. There's something about adventuring in the setting - jumping from fantastic local to fantastic local - that appeals to me. I think it's because I tend to take a visual approach to gaming; I find the idea of hopping from floating island to floating island across an endless sky then traveling to a volcanic landscape to dodge lava bursts fascinating.

In the past my problem with Everway was twofold. One was getting a hold of the Everway rulebook, long out of print. The second was training myself to be able to do task resolution based on the draw of a fate deck. That seems contradictory based on the visual way I tend to think, but my problem is that a picture can be taken so many different ways that picking one seems difficult to me. That also felt too arbitrary to me. "This card means success because I say it does" just doesn't feel right.

I had pretty much realized I wouldn't get a chance to play Everway, then I found Vi et Armis.

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