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Grind… MkII?

Bellevue WA. June 30, 2009 - Privateer Press is pleased to announce Grind, an extreme combat sports board game for two players ages 14 and up releasing this October. In Grind players customize a team of steamjacks—10-ton, steam-powered mechanical robots—and battle to move a large, spiked ball into their opponent’s goal. The game comes with several highly detailed plastic components, including six Runner steamjack figures, four Crusher steamjack figures, 32 interchangeable weapon arms, two spiked pillars, and the Grinder ball. Also included are a full-color game board, 11 tokens, and custom dice.

I hardly ever played the initial Grind release - it just didn't pique my interest enough.  If I was going to be getting my Warmachine miniatures out to play, I'd rather just play a game of Warmachine.  It wasn't that the concept of Grind wasn't interesting, but it seemed to be cobbled together from the existing Warmachine rules and so suffered from a rule system that wasn't really designed to support it.

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