Idrian Skirmishers

I’m very happy with how my Idrians turned out. I knew they were going to go into my Hardcore list for DieCon 8 (in 2009) so I really wanted them to look good. Unlike most of the Protectorate models, these had a lot of bare flesh to paint up and that’s always a challenge for me. Read more about Idrian Skirmishers[…]

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

Vilmon was a fun sculpt to paint, but I had to keep his arms separate until after painting was complete or I wouldn’t have been able to get to this face and upper chest.  More than anything else though I was pretty happy with his base.       I had envisioned Vilmon’s base it Read more about High Paladin Dartan Vilmon[…]

Thagrosh, the Messiah

I painted Epic Thagrosh up just before DieCon 9 to use as the centerpiece of my Hardcore army, and as of now he’s still my favorite model in the Warmachine and Hordes lines. It doesn’t have the full metal fantasy look of the Warmachine side of things but he’s just an impressive model.   Epic Thagrosh Read more about Thagrosh, the Messiah[…]

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight

I’m not as big of a fan of the Saeryn sculpt as I am of her sister Rhyas, but she’s not too bad. Her daggers aren’t that great and the sculpt is rather flat, though. PP seems to be going that way with a lot of their smaller models to save on production costs.     Read more about Saeryn, Omen of Everblight[…]

Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight

I picked up Rhyas as soon as she came out and got her assembled the next day. I was ready to start painting her when I realized it would be better to wait for Saeryn, her twin, to be released. With my luck if I had painted them separately they wouldn’t look anything alike. A Read more about Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight[…]

Avatar of Menoth

Wielder of the dreaded butter knife of Menoth, the Avatar was a fun jack to paint. I chose to do more of my tannish white color on this as opposed to the purple armored plates I usually do on my warjacks to make it stand out from its brethren on the gaming table. Because I Read more about Avatar of Menoth[…]

Fire of Salvation

The Fire of Salvation sat on my painting desk for about a year and a half before I finally completed it.  I never really felt the desire to field him in Warmachine in Mk I and painting yet another warjack as just tedious so work slowed to a crawl.  I finished him up just in Read more about Fire of Salvation[…]

Blighted Nyss Raptors

I was really excited to paint the Raptors back when they were released while the game was still in Mk I.  I really liked the sculpt and I was also a huge fan of their rules on the table.  Painting blighted ulk was definitely easer than the Protectorate Vengers’ horses.     I did have a couple complaints Read more about Blighted Nyss Raptors[…]

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers

I knew how I wanted to paint my Warmongers for quite some time, I just had so many other models I wanted to paint that they fell by the wayside.  When I finally got to them I took my blighted Nyss skin recipe and replaced the Sky Blue with Quaker Gray. The resulting color was very Read more about Blighted Ogrun Warmongers[…]


Painting Incubii introduced a challenge I hadn’t experienced yet on any of my Legion models.  I had established very similar but distinct skintones for my Nyss and warbeast models, and the Incubii had both stretched over each other across the figure.  That meant maintaining the preexisting schemes without the areas just looking like half were Read more about Incubii[…]