Rethinking the Retribution

At GenCon I picked up a copy of the Retribution of Scyrah army book and Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper to play with potential color schemes.  At first I was tossing around the idea of starting up a Retribution force – the playstyle looked interesting and it had the “shiny new hawtness” going for it.  Then I realized something… I’m already getting a new faction.


Switching Gears – Painting RPG Miniatures

After the rush to get my army painted for Hardcore and the disappointment of not being able to play, I decided to take a break from painting Privateer Press miniatures.  I’ll come back to them soon enough but I spent the past couple weeks finishing up a handful of models for our weekly roleplaying game. Read more about Switching Gears – Painting RPG Miniatures[…]

Repenter Bandwagon

Miniature GalleryG’daybloke at Lost Hemisphere has declared this week Repenter Week, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Other authors have been posting their own painted versions of the Repenter, so given it’s already Friday, that’s probably about all I can squeeze in before the end of the week.  So let’s fire it up.


Hordes: Frostfang Brood

When I just tried digging up a link to my write-ups on the color scheme for my Warmachine/Hordes armies, I found an article for The Vermillion Menofix but I didn’t see one for my Legion force.  So to remedy that I snagged this off another forum and have copied it here to my blog.

Looking over my Legion of Everblight models, it didn’t take long for me to decide to go with a color scheme that matched their background in the frozen mountains to the north. I immediately decided to have a cool blue be a dominant color and worked from there, eventually coming up with a ‘bone-and-blue’ scheme shown below. I won this warpack in a drawing the day of release and I began assembling the models relatively soon thereafter. The paint job was chosen to be unique at the time, but it turned out that since I started a number of people have had the same idea and my models were by no means the first ones done with this scheme.

Many of the techniques I started using on my Legion models were relatively simple and there were a great deal of large expanses to do but still… for some reason I felt drained after painting these up and had to take a break for a bit before picking the brush back up. I don’t think I’ve ever painted a miniature (or group of miniatures) that took as much out of me as the Legion of Everblight Warpack did. […]

A Few Post-GenCon Thoughts

I’m back in St. Louis and still recovering from GenCon.  A lot of the announcements and previews at the Privateer Press booth have already hit the various forums so there’s no need to talk about those again.  Josh, Jason, and I recorded a lot of interviews over the weekend which we’ll be posting as we Read more about A Few Post-GenCon Thoughts[…]

The Podthralls say goodbye

After four years and 200 episodes, the Podthralls have announced that they are hanging up their microphones. They’ve been a fixture in the online Warmachine community for four years and it’s sad to see them go.   Best of luck, and thanks for all the hours of entertainment you provided to your fellow Warmachine players. Most Read more about The Podthralls say goodbye[…]

Character Jacks & Beast

It’s been over half a year since I started my Protectorate of Menoth character warjacks.  Working on them quickly degraded from fun to tedious but a couple weeks ago I finally forced myself to sit down and make some actual progress. I’ll finally have them – and Typhon – competed within the next couple days. Read more about Character Jacks & Beast[…]

Tactica: Raptors

Legion of Everblight Raptors

Legion of Everblight Raptors

With the release of Incubi, I shelved my Raptors for a bit while I concentrated on the small-based Nyss troops.  My Raptors sat mostly unplayed until the recent Veto tournament where I dug them out to use as substitutes when needed.  It’s hard to imagine but I had almost forgotten how good they are.  Almost.


The Raptors are one of the most versatile and dangerous weapons in the Legion of Everblight’s arsenal.  They are a quintessential flanking force capable of striking and escaping long before an enemy force can pin them down.


2009 Masters Event Last Minute Changes

Preregistration for Masters has been closed and tickets have been bought.   I hope nobody had their Masters lists finalized, packed, and painted, because with a month left before GenCon Privateer Press has released a rules addendum to their Masters event.  The big change is this:

The GenCon 2009 Masters event encourages players to not only demonstrate mastery with a single warcaster or warlock but with their entire faction line-up. A warcaster / warlock that appears in one of a players’ lists cannot appear in another list for the remainder of the Masters event. Mercenary warcasters can only appear in a players’ list[s] if that player is playing Mercenary contracts for the whole of the GenCon 2009 Masters event.