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Troll Brawler

Finding miniatures for trolls and obsidimen in my Earthdawn game is difficult at times.  I have a few in my gallery that I've collected but can always use more.  I recently turned to the collection of Mage Knight figures that I've inherited over the years and found a few sculpts to use to supplement my collection... once they've been repainted.


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Mage Knight Brass Golem

I painted this figure up a few months before I started playing Warmachine as a test piece. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to use colors such as green on a large flat metallic area like a robot's body and wanted to get a feel for it before I decided if I'd be able to do a Warmachine warjack. While the golem is hardly a work of art, it was good enough for a first attempt to convince me that I'd be able to do more mechanical miniatures with a little practice.


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