Dark Elf Corsair Conversion

My converted Dark Elf Corsair was my second attempt at NMM, which I quickly learned photographs better than it looks in person in my mind. He was painted up to serve as my warband leader, and served quite well in the role.  The ninja elf earned himself a reputation on the table.  Maybe my painted Read more about Dark Elf Corsair Conversion[…]

Dark Elf Blackguard

The Dark Elf Black Guard were originally used to represent Fell Blades in my old Dark Elf Mordheim warband. As some of my earliest pieces, they really show my “basecoat, wash, drybush” techinques of the time. As unimpressive as they are now putting together a cohesive looking force was an accomplishment for me back then. Read more about Dark Elf Blackguard[…]

Eiryss, Mage-Hunter of Ios (Alternate Sculpt)

This alternate sculpt of Eiryss, Mage-Hunter of Ios was available as a giveaway to people who sent the redemption form in a few issues of No Quarter magazine in to Privateer Press. Although I much prefer the dynamic nature of the original pose this one is definitely a higher quality sculpt overall.  I painted most Read more about Eiryss, Mage-Hunter of Ios (Alternate Sculpt)[…]

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight

For the most part Vayl was a pretty standard paint job – a more muted dark blue cloak over blue robes with basic cool metallics. The colors are slightly more distinct in person, but the similarity between the two was intentional. My Nyssian paint scheme is all about being monochromatic and cold and I think Read more about Vayl, Disciple of Everblight[…]