Gudrun the Wanderer

I painted Gudrun towards the end of 2008 as a diversion from the Legion models I had been rapidly turning out. His color scheme was primarily chosen to let me test out P3’s Ordic Olive color, which I used on his cowl. The fleshtones are my Vallejo Model Color Rose Brown/Medium Skintone/Sunny Skintone combination that Read more about Gudrun the Wanderer[…]

Kell Bailoch

Kell was painted up pretty quickly in a color scheme that would fairly label him a Browncoat. I can’t say it’s my best work but I’m more than a little unhappy with how it photographed. Results like this are making me seriously consider revamping my photography set-up again. The coat is a mix of P3 Read more about Kell Bailoch[…]

Ogrun Bokur, Mercenary Solo

In early 2006 I was getting pretty burned out on painting Protectorate colors over and over and over and over again. There really wasn’t as much experimenting with new models as there was putting the same colors in the same locations on the same miniatures repeatedly and I needed a break. So after one of Read more about Ogrun Bokur, Mercenary Solo[…]

Troll Sky Raider

The Troll Sky Raider is one of my favorite miniatures from the old Heartbreaker Hobbies Earthdawn line. Not because of some exceptional quality of sculpt.  To be frank, it’s lacking in a number of aspects.  But in my mind sky raiders are one of the iconic visuals of the Earthdawn setting.         The living Read more about Troll Sky Raider[…]


Just like most of the other Legion models, Hordes fans either love the Terpah or they hate it. I tend to fall on the positive side myself. There’s something about the sleek draconic look that I find visually appealing.    Like the Carnivean, the Teraph was cursed with unsightly footpads cast beneath its talons. It Read more about Teraph[…]