The Shredders were the first part of the Legion of Everblight battlebox that I decided to tackle. I figured that they were small enough that they’d be quick to finsih and I’d be able to see my intended color scheme to determine if I liked it. They became a template I would eventually follow on Read more about Shredders[…]


I’ve found that the serpentine miniatures are some of the most difficult to paint, and the Angelius is the most serpentine Legion miniature there is. I had some good success with my Nephilim and Raek as of late primarily because of the more detailed musculature on those models whereas the more serpentine beasts with their Read more about Angelii[…]

High Elf Hero

This miniature is an out-of-print Games Workshop High Elf Hero that has had it’s headpiece trimmed down to look less phallic. I had originally purchased it for a specific conversion, but never had the time to start it. Instead a player picked this miniature out to use for his Children of the Sun character, so Read more about High Elf Hero[…]

Mordheim Mercenary Sprue Archer

This miniature was assembled from various pieces of the Games Workshop Mordheim Mercenary plastic sprue. The face seems to have turned out well but the miniature is hardly perfect. It’s difficult to see the black picking on the fletching from this angle, but it’s there. The leather vest is obscured by shadows caused by my Read more about Mordheim Mercenary Sprue Archer[…]

Idrian Skirmishers

I’m very happy with how my Idrians turned out. I knew they were going to go into my Hardcore list for DieCon 8 (in 2009) so I really wanted them to look good. Unlike most of the Protectorate models, these had a lot of bare flesh to paint up and that’s always a challenge for me. Read more about Idrian Skirmishers[…]

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

Vilmon was a fun sculpt to paint, but I had to keep his arms separate until after painting was complete or I wouldn’t have been able to get to this face and upper chest.  More than anything else though I was pretty happy with his base.       I had envisioned Vilmon’s base it Read more about High Paladin Dartan Vilmon[…]

Paladins of the Order of the Wall

The Paladin of the Order of the Wall was too interesting a sculpt to pass up, even if it’s not quite as useful in-game as some of my other options. It was fun to paint up and looks great on the table. It’s also recently been used as a battle-chaplain of Morrow in the Witchfire Read more about Paladins of the Order of the Wall[…]