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Diminutive Denizens Migration Complete

After a couple weeks I finally finished migrating Diminutive Denizens, my old miniature gallery, here to my blog.  I decided part way through the import not to push every single image through the IABN.  I tagged some of my favorite Warmachine/Hordes images to pass through but there are a lot more in my galleries, accessible using the Miniature Gallery link up in the header menu or by clicking here.

On top of that I picked up a paint brush for the first time in almost a year the other day.  I'm still feeling a little rusty but I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I have a few new miniatures to post soon and while I had a photo rig set up I got a few shots of some older miniatures that never made it onto my gallery.  I'll be uploading those in the future as I get the images re-sized and color balanced.

And if you're here surfing non-miniature topics of geekery, you can skip the miniature content by jumping 12 pages of posts into the archive.  The mass of miniature posts all blocked together was an unfortunate side effect of the migration.


Where’s the WIP?

Boy, have I been slacking as of late.  Part of that has been gearing up the Iron Agenda but everything started with the beginning of the summer Con season.  In preparation for Privateer Press Weekend at DieCon here in St. Louis (which I've written about already) I joined in with some fellow Podthralls listeners in starting our own version of the Gamer Journal that Privateer Press had featured in what was then the most recent issue of No Quarter (at the expense of posting my WIPs here).

I have added news feeds from Diminutive Denizens, my miniature gallery web sit, to try and make sure that I can keep producing some content, but when my camera got borrowed for a couple months even that slowed down.  I'm working on getting back into the swing of things... we'll just have to see what sort of progress I can make.


Game Scribe

A couple of friends of mine have started a blog called Game Scribe which chronicles their exeriences is (primarily) online gaming.  In the past they focused on Lord of the Rings Online and Team Fortress 2, but with the imminent release of Warhammer Online that game will be getting more and more attention in the near future.

I haven't really kept up with the video game hobby in a while so when I was asked to contribute I had to think a while before I came up with something I could actually write about.  In the end I wound up agreeing to write an intermittent series on some of the older PC games that I've played as a sort of "blast from the past," starting with Deus Ex.

With the launch of the Iron Agenda keeping up with Game Scribe posts (let alone here) is going to be a challenge for me, but Moondog and Ravious certainly maintain regular updates.  If you're interested in following a few gamers' romp through their virtual playgrounds be sure to check out their site!


Introducing the Iron Agenda

Iron Agenda: The podcast about Warmachine, Hordes, and whatever else is on our minds.

We're finally ready for an official announcement!  The Iron Agenda Podcast is an hour long discussion in which we will try to cover two topics - one strategic topic and one more meta-related topic - when discussing Privateer Press miniature games. That said we're certainly going to stray from this format from time to time. In fact we're occasionally going to stray from PP games entirely - we already have plans for a Pulp City episode for example.

In addition to the regular hosts you'll hear other voices from time to time as we have some of the other locals on to provide additional views on whatever topics we happen to be discussing.

Our first episode has been released on our web site as well as an initial Episode 0 designed as an introduction to our show. Episode 2 and Bonus Episode 1 have both been recorded and are currently being edited - our feed will be updated as soon as they drop.

We're still finding our voices and settling into things but we'd love to get feedback from anyone who cares to listen.


Quick Update

I haven't written a whole lot here in the past couple months, but it looks like that's going to be changing. All of my time had been taken up by running my Earthdawn game and preparing for Privateer Press Weekend here in St. Louis but now that both of those are passed I should have more time to keep up with things here.

There are a couple of drafts that I have started in the back room here and there's the Deadlands write-ups that I'd really like to finish as well. Since I don't think Luke is going to be able to finish the Earthdawn write-ups I'd like to try and summarize that campaign as well as talk about what I learned from the grand experiment that was Earthdawn - Savaged and how I plan on going about changing things for the next time I run the game.

So check back soon - it's time to try and catch back up.


2007: A Blarg Odyssey

Another year has come and gone and the blog has stuck around - a feat that comes somewhat as a surprise to me. I'm more than a bit of a dabbler and tend to find new things to do quickly but somehow managed to keep up with posting. Between battle reports, my RPG campaigns, and painting I've got more than enough material to talk about. Unfortunately that's proving to be a double-edged sword.

This year - especially toward the last few months - I've found myself committing to more "columns" than I can keep up with. The Ternon Crag Dispatch was originally intended to run weekly with our campaign night at the local gaming store. I've still been pretty good about getting out a monthly Painting WIP post, but I haven't been able to do any other painting articles lately. There's also the threads on my recent rpg campaigns, but doing one of those after every session has been taxing. And finally although it's not part of this blog I've been neglecting Diminutive Denizens in favor of writing things here.

Last month I decided to try to re-work my schedule a bit to open it up. First thing is that I'm going to to is drop to a RPG session write-up after every 2 sessions or so. Since we're gaming about every other week this means once a month. That combined with my monthly Painting WIP posts puts me at about 2 posts per month. That should leave me time to do the occasional write up on RPG theory or miniature painting techniques as well as get back to battle reports. We'll just have to wait and see if practice matches up with theory...


Where’s the Blarg?

I'm not the first person who's created a blog who's slowly drifted away from regular updates and I certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately I just haven't had the motivation or inspiration to keep things up due to my gaming curse. Karma can bite you in the ass sometimes and after a string of pretty good gaming and scheduling, well, things took a turn for the worse.

>>


Database Server Upgrade

I upgraded the database behind my instance of WordPress so any visitors should experience an improvement in page load times.

I've also been working on some new posts behind the scenes and hope to get those out soon.  In addition I've joined a new gaming group and have some more experiences and observations to inspire more blargs, so stay tuned.


Delayed Blast Fireblarg

Turns out that running a campaign, trying to keep up with session write-ups, and doing a blarg just don't work well together. I don't have enough time to tackle all three sufficiently, so things have suffered for it. I've already decided to drop the detailed session write-ups and switch over to some basic overviews and summaries so that should provide some relief.

As for blarging and the campaign, I've been rather unhappy with how this campaign went. I made what I think was a major mistake early and wasn't able to repair it quick enough to get the campaign back on track and it's suffered for it. I've decided to wrap the game up after the next session and after that I'll come back here and write more about where I went wrong with this game.


A New Year of Blarg

Christmas has past and it's now 2007 and the beginning of the year looks like it's going to be busy for me. It's T-minus a week and a half until I start running my Earthdawn game. Even though it's only going to be five to six sessions long I want to do enough prep work to make the character generation session we had the other day pay off. The weekly Warmachine gaming night at one of the local gaming stores is still going strong so I plan on continuing to attend that for the foreseeable future. And of course I have plenty of miniatures to paint so will still do some of that every week.

I really want to maintain a blarg per week but I have enough going on that it might be difficulty to maintain that pace. However I will be cheating and calling this post this week's contribution - that should help me stay on schedule. 🙂 I've got a few topics laying around I want to write about but a vast majority of them are RPG related and that category is already out pacing the others. I don't see my running Earthdawn as likely to change that, either. Then again the other topics don't get quite the comments that role-playing so maybe that's not a bad thing.